20-year banking connection with Burton

Banks, as well as politicians, are essential evils. Some of them calculate the lyrical but frankly believing that they are an integral part of a civilized society. For 20 years I was a bandit in Nativity, I had a lot of reasons to oppose them. Their service is bad and their products are inadequate and, like most of them, will go through print media for decades, as the better forms of money and the use of businesses are outdated. Here and now, though, I depend on my bank because people can not live crypto alone.

Without Bitcoin’s buying balance: How is the financial system criminalized?
Make these guys happy.
Banking is one of the best in our permanent constant. Friends and employers are coming and going, but after the formation of our formation, we welcome our bank with thick and thin. I’m not different on Wednesday when my duties with Natrives ended unexpectedly, and then stepped on their feet, I was on my feet. As a result, I do not have a bank account, a resource that most people will not only be given my age but will have a five-figure balance for a minimum of several years.
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The story of my bank blockade is not a tragic or sympathy. But it tells us, because he will get acquainted with a number of readers who bought or sold bitcoin. If it happens to me, it can happen to anyone.

Plague all your banking homes
As many people who work cryptoconomy, I lead money out of bitcoin fiat sporadically pay taxes. For this purpose loybibokines (LBC) since 2013, I usually buy several hundred dollars, the buyer’s money transfer to my bank account. Sometimes I had to sell the highest sums, but it would never have been enough to exhaust the money laundering or the bank’s awkward questions. I’m not mute. As a result, I successfully accomplished hundreds of transactions in LB without involving my bank.

All that changed on the instant Wednesday. I was going to drink a drink, but when I tried to withdraw money from the ATM, my card would not work. I returned to the bar and gave me a card payment, I asked him to drive a car before I could go on my pint. Also decreased. Natwest’s entire banking system can be down (not everything as visually as bitcoin), I opened my mobile banking application, just because I found myself locked up.