You don't know about Las Vegas nightclubs


If there's one thing about Las Vegas, it's also the privacy their clubs hold. In fact, most of them have and are about to share some of the most fascinating and poignant ones with those who read. It's the idea of ​​club insiders so visitors can enjoy Las Vegas and have the most unforgettable experience. Some might think that if they know everything they need to know about the scenes at the Sin City Club, they will surely be surprised.

Las Vegas Club Privacy: Bathroom Attendant

Every club's restroom has a secret – all bathrooms in Vegas come with a bathroom attendant. This bathroom attendant is not a secret in itself, but rather the things he can do for guests.

It might be foolish to think that the only job of an attendant is to see that the bathroom is clean and tidy. However, there is a mystery in one of their hidden stashes. The first one is for boys.

Men's House

Boys can be greatly reduced from men's homes. When they give the attendant a tip, they can get mint, cigarettes and cologne. Contains the signature colon of some hidden cabinets. You can get a spray of these at the tip.

People in attendance also offer mouthwashes, condoms and Cuba cigars (some clubs even have Monteristo and Cohiba cigars, which are highly recommended). In addition, if the battery charge on their cell phones is low, they may ask the bathroom attendant to charge it for them during the party. It should not be wrong to tip them.

Women's house

The secret of the female room is comparable to that of men. Probably the best bathroom bathroom for women in the club is the shoes. When women are tired of standing or dancing all night, all they have to do is go to the women's bathroom and tell the attendant that they want to buy some shoes. Most nightclubs have different options so they will definitely find a pair to fit their style.

For example, the marquee offers two ballet flats and a flip-flop. If someone steps on their toes, ballet flats may seem like a better choice because of the somewhat protective form they give. Plus, they can easily fold in a purse, making it perfect for another night out. These shoes sell for about $ 15 to $ 20. When there is pain in the legs, it is not a bad thing at all.

In addition to shoes, there are also mint, candy, hair ties, hair spray and feminine products. There are also places in women's homes where they can charge their phones.