Weekend Gateways Guide – You Must See Affordable Places in the United States


If you want to go on a nice vacation for a while but don't have a lot of money, there are plenty of affordable weekend vacations across America. You can enjoy iconic attractions, high-rated restaurants with affordable food and expensive, even great hotel accommodations without spending a lot of money.

Whether you are traveling alone, important or other, with family or friends, here are some budget-friendly weekends:

Sante Fe, NM

The capital city of the arts of New Mexico has plenty to offer tourists of all kinds. There is a collection of contemporary Native art that explores modern Native American culture, সরাসরি music direct to the historic central plaza and make-to-order Mexican food from street vendors. Air fares at the Santa Fe airport are quite affordable from several cities in the United States.

Milwaukee, WI

If you visit Brew City on the first Thursday of the month, you can get free access to the Art Museum. Visit baseball season and go to the Brewers game – it's not uncommon to get day tickets at a very low price. There are plenty of free attractions to checkout all over the city.

New Orleans, LA

There is no city like New Orleans for the experience of the South. There are parties going on all over the city – especially in the historic French Quarter. This is a popular destination for companies offering cheap holiday packages. You will be able to find a good deal that includes budget hotels, airfare and more.

Baltimore, MD

Travel routes on Baltimore's weekend are often cheaper than vacations in more popular destinations in New England, such as NYC and Boston. Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art and a landscape garden full of sculptures for classic American and European paintings. Other free or inexpensive places to visit include the Babe Ruth Birth Museum, the Sailburn Arboretum, and the Baltimore or Historic Ship.

Memphis, TN

Graceland's home is another must-visit destination in the South – which offers plenty of affordable attractions and hotels. Overton Park in Midtown has some amazing free concerts (bluegrass, country, soul and gospel). You will find some affordable cafes along Beale Street.

Big Bear Lake, CA

If you want to go for a peaceful weekend on the west coast, consider this remote mountain destination. The seven-mile lake offers a variety of water sports if you're after excitement. You can rent a cabin or stay in an inn or lodge for under $ 80 a night. To get there, find cheap airfare from Palm Springs.

These are just a few suggestions for a weekend getaway to the US. Use travel discount sites to book your airfare and accommodation.

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