Five Tips for Sturgis First Timers


If you are attending a Sturgis rally for the first time, you can find these five tips for Sturgis for the first time. This will help you plan your trip and avoid unpleasant situations that can train your Sturgis South Dakota vacation.
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1: Determine your experience before booking your campground.

One of the keys to Sturgis’ best experience is knowing what you want to get out of your visit to La Sturgis. Knowing what you want to experience determines where you choose to camp.
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For example, do you want to ride all day and look for a reasonable time? Then you definitely don’t want to be at party-type campgrounds like the Buffalo Chip, instead choose a campground like KOA or a campground that is promoted as “cool.” Perhaps you would like a more spring break type experience? You probably want to be Rowdy, party all night, and take part in some adult activities.
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You’d be disappointed to think you could do this on Main Street Stargis so choose a campground like Glanco Campground or The Buffalo Chip where they never stop party.

2: Avoid crowds / traffic

If you want to get on a ride but avoid the crowds and traffic, then head east? You can start a great ride east on Hwy 34 and then head south on I90 and head back to Sturgis.
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It’s an all-day ride but pleasant and free to the public of other bikers traveling the Black Hills.

3: Drink plenty of water

It should go without saying but it needs to be said. You will be out at 90+ temperatures and probably consuming alcohol. Regardless of your team, always be sure to have a water bottle in hand and a drink. You wouldn’t believe how much you sweat in the Black Hills. Nothing ruins a trip like dehydration and a heat stroke.
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4: Pack some warm clothes

Normally the temperature in Sturgis is 90+ in the daytime and 70’s in the night, but at Sturgis night it is 40 degrees when I’m gone. I have nothing but my leather jacket and t-shirt. I would kill for a sweatshirt and when I go I would always pack at least one.
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5: Don’t get stuck in Sturgis while passing through

If you leave the campground along 79 and 34 at Lazell St., you can stay long on Junction Ave after leaving I-5. Use the side lanes of Davenport St., Fulton St. and Middle St. to bypass traffic and get to Lazelle quickly. Davenport and Fulton end up at Howard and you can go from Howard to Middle St.
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