Tiger Safari at the startup


Located in the state of Rajasthan in western India, it is home to wild tigers, royal mammals and birds. The destination was the hunting reserve of the previous Maharaja of Jaipur. Old monuments such as castles or hunting lodges, temples built during the reigns of the Rajput kings and huge reservoirs can be seen in the game ride. Some of these are in preserved condition and many are in perfect deterioration.

Tigers dominate the castle and other hunting pavilion roads, and some of them also breed and grow in vacant buildings. Rantavor is also banned throughout the country. So tigers are a breeding well and their population is increasing.

A small portion of the reserve is open to tourism which is divided into different regions. Safari jeeps ferry enthusiastic tourists here to see tigers and other animals. These safaris are organized and require permits to travel. The game ride mainly allows open zip and canisters to enter the park.

Being part of the Golden Triangle tour, which consists of trips to Jaipur, Taj Mahal and Agra in New Delhi, the reserve receives a large number of visitors each year. Some tour operators offer packages, including destinations like Udaipur or Jodhpur.

The place has numbers of tigers, leopards, lazy bears and deer species. On a safari you can see the animals described here and the sapphire deer, wild boar, langur monkeys and peacocks. Visiting these animals makes your forest trip extremely exciting. There are plenty of birds throughout the park for more specially interested tourists. A huge amount of Avian checklists can be made during tours.

Other animals seen in the wild are the lawn marsh crocodiles and the monitor lizards. Crocodiles hang around the reservoir, surrounded by tall grass. They are a hunting ground between a tiger and a crocodile, a place for fighting between them. Incidentally, the thrill of action here is illustrated by the big companies especially that the tiger kills the deer in the water of The tiger was called Machali and he invented the method of hunting deer in the water which is now a great sight.

There are several heritage attractions and star wildlife resorts nearby, along with good roads to conserve infrastructure to support tourism. Wildlife Resorts are the main attraction of high end clients. Many holiday makers are staying in these luxurious mansions at the start of the tiger safari.

The destination is closest to Jaipur and is only a few trips around. To reach Jaipur from the Indian capital New Delhi, you need to drive six hours.