Rajasthan is the best shopping destination with specialty


Most of us are fascinated by the colorful history of Rajasthan. But there is one more thing in the state that is equally captivating… tribal villages. Born from this ethnic culture, it's reminiscent of various states that are sold in city markets across the state.

Let's take a look at the best shopping destinations in Rajasthan:

1. Bapu Bazar – Jaipur

Rajasthani Rajasthani textile as well as great handicrafts carved from Rajasthani marble and sandstone are sold in the shops here.

Specialty: Exclusive Handicrafts

2. Kapra Bazar – Jodhpur Blue City

Among the tourist destinations of Rajasthan, Kapoor Bazaar is a must visit. The block prints depicting bright-colored leheria (tie and dye) and simple Rajasthani motifs are well worth the price.

Specialty: Tie and die fabric

৩. Elephant Poll Market – Udaipur

For art lovers and collectors, coming into this market is a must. For those who have a keen interest in the art of pitching, fad paintings and world-renowned small paintings sold here

Specialty: Rajasthani art

3) No Sarak Market – Jodhpur

Rajast Tiwari colorful turban and intricately embroidered jackets are important accessories for Rajasthani men. There is a line at the barbers store that sells these items.

Specialty: Embroidered jacket and turban.

5. Clock Tower Market – Udaipur

The artisans of Udaipur are famous for polki and minakery. Jewelry made in this style is sold here and is very popular with tourists.

Specialty: Tra Jewelry

6. Sarfa Bazaar – Jodhpur

If you are interested in horseback riding or pollard, you must visit this market. You can buy top quality riding breeches at the most competitive prices in this market.

Specialty: "Jodhpurs" or ride breeches.

7. Mochi Bazar – Jodhpur

Your shopping spree will be incomplete unless you buy "mojaris" or traditional tiara footwear. Leather socks have intricate designs made with sequins and threads.

Specialty: Embroidered footwear.

8. Standard Chowk – Jayasalmi

This Market Square is a public shopping destination. You will find shops selling textiles, footwear, trinkets, paintings, handicrafts, jewelry, leather goods and more.

Specialty: Handicrafts, footwear.

9. Sonarn Ka Bash – Jayasalmar

As the name implies, it is a market that specializes in jewelry made of gold, silver and precious stones.

Specialty: Jewelry

10. Tripolia Market – Jaipur

This market is well known for traditional jewelery jewelry made of precious stones. There are also small stores selling curated designer rugs.

Specialty: Precious jewelry and carpeting.

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