9 tips for backpacking through the mountains


A little beyond the busy paths and tourist destinations exists a rather immersive experience; Something you can experience once you dig clich├ęd travel agencies, car camping trips and day hikes. Yes, you got it right, backpacking is the real deal.

If it doesn't matter if you plan on enjoying the gap year after school or college, or enjoying your time outside of work, remember that backpacking involves much more rigorous preparation than vacation care. A smooth transition from regular holidays to backpacking will require you to pay attention to certain details and play it hard and smart.

When done correctly, a backpacking trip will give you a rich, rewarding experience and who knows; You can even come back with a little money for your next backpacking trip.

The following are some backpacking tips for beginners that will help you make the most of your trip:

Before you leave

1. Good research: You have a passport and a ticket and your flight time is doubled, that doesn't mean arranging everything. Yes, backpacking, more or less, is about spontaneity, but some of the earlier research could easily be useful when you are out in the wild, in an unwanted destination in a country you know nothing about. Most likely, a mere guidebook and hiking route will suffice.

2. Pack Light: A long journey, even a straw heavy – Spanish proverb – will carry your load on your back for a much longer time than you expected. If you lose, muscle cramps, dehydrate, and each such example will throw you away the prized wealth you carry. Nobody has ever gone on a backpacking trip with 10 pairs of socks, 5 bottles of shampoo and none at all. I mean, someone has to, but only regret it later. Except for 2 pairs of socks, you won't need anything else extra. Remember not to copy these rules, and you will be fine.

3. Invest in a sturdy backpack: You are not just carrying things; Your backpack holds everything that can bring out the living, the living. Spending a real hiking backpack is well worth the expense and can make a lot of difference.

4. Complete care of your feet: Get the right fitting shoes and socks and you won't spend the trip with blisters. Invest in a hiking shoe, especially waterproof, and you'll thank me later.

When you're out there

1. Camp Out: Destination for the Day If you can find a comfortable campground, please camp out. You will save a lot of money camping otherwise you will lose the expensive hotel.

2. Don't bother with every attraction: Everything that falls on your route deserves your time and money. Choose only the best and do not fall for the tourist trap.

3. Get a hostel with kitchen when not camping: The hostels are super fun, not as much as your personal tent, but far more than many hotels. Also, you see it to get one with the kitchen. Buy local groceries, and cook for yourself. Eating every day will only make a hole in your shoestring budget.

4. Do not affect or disclose: Use a cloth made of quick drying cloth. Clothing is a completely separate system, and you have to take it accordingly. You can come across an extreme range of temperatures. For a regular hiking trip, you will need:

– Layer the skin base from the next

Hiking level

– Waterproof wear

– Sleeping clothes

5. Miscellaneous: Check your ego and carry along a first aid kit, insect repellants, sun screen, UV protected sunglasses, hats, extra batteries and many biodegradable tissues that will not only help you with your hands.