Top ten tips for planning the perfect destination wedding and honeymoon


Destination weddings and honeymooners are becoming increasingly popular, they need careful, advanced planning. The details surrounding these life-changing events can be extremely stressful even when staying close to home, so here are some neat tips that will help you avoid some of the potential pitfalls while traveling abroad:

1. Leave yourself at least six months to identify the place, meet the planner on the site, decide on the guest list and send out invitations with room blocks, transportation options and even occasionally detailed dress details. Plan on visiting your wedding destination well in advance of your event so that you and your future spouse know what to expect upon arrival. If this is an outdoor event, make sure there is a backup site in place for the event and reception for the event if the weather doesn't cooperate.

2. Your choice of honeymoon should reflect the bride and groom's choice. Do your research online, consult the people who are there, and dig the web. If you love the beach, consider the Caribbean where the sun is almost always shining and the reception can include a scent of the entertainment area. One of the most popular countries for honeymooners is the Bahamas, where the choice of location differs from luxury villas to intimate cottages and even mega hotels.

3. Make sure you create a budget that everyone can agree on, whether you are paying for yourself or other family members are following the bill. Make last-minute decisions that increase costs, but remember – these emotions can make you start a married life with unexpected financial obligations.

4. Know your destination's payment policies, such as cash only vs. credit card. Only cash or some credit cards can be used when making sure to bring your ATM card along for the period. If ATMs are not readily available you will have to pay some cash.

5. Use common sense when visiting popular places after dark. You will be completely safe during your wedding or on a honeymoon trip, but it is a good idea to check with your concierge before heading out into the unknown.

6. If you are currently humaneing outside of any country, adjust your mobile phone to make long distance phone calls. And remember, roaming rates can end up with surprisingly large bills, so keep your calls short.

7. Thanks to the pre-address, stamped envelope and the note brought along. Even honeymooners can take some time to write thank-you notes for wedding gifts, greetings, etc.

8. Communicate with the resort satellite on activities and "things to do" before your wedding or honeymoon. Get their best suggestions "must see" to see them. An experienced advisor has found "inside scope" about this information and can provide you with everything you need for a personalized tropical getaway.

9. In coordination with your spouse on clothing you will be packing for the honeymoon. If the "resort casual" and any destination clothing guidelines are considered in your destination, it is best to know ahead of time.

10. Provide your "on the go" resource for reviewing accommodations, entertainment choices, the best beaches and honeymoon packages that create online tools that surpass your greatest expectations. That way, you will receive a trip remember that you will come both years.

These tips from the warm and hospitable staff at Grand Isle Resort & Spa are brought to you, the award winning, all exotic villa resorts at The Great Exuma The Bahamas Emerald Bay. We hosted many happy honeymooners, and planned the perfect destination wedding for couples around the world.