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Once you decide you're ready to travel, whether it's your first international trip or any other added to a long list of previous destinations, you'll face the task of deciding where you want to go. This can be a difficult thing to do. The world is huge and there are, so many different choices. I always try to decide where I want to go next and to be honest, sometimes changing the answer. It all just kind of depends on how your interests have spontaneously been and what is really calling you. This page will use a few different strategies to help you decide where you want this page to go, or at least help you narrow it down.

Budget: It is always important to consider your budget. As fun and exciting as it may be, international travel does not come cheap. Make sure you have good plans in advance and have been saved for your next adventure. It's almost important to budget a little extra money for what you don't think. Always make sure you can afford a few extra nights at a hotel and just some extra food if you don't want to go as planned. It is also important to consider your list of countries when talking about budget. Different parts of the world are much more expensive than others. If you are traveling to South America but traveling to Europe you are going to spend more money. The cost of living is different everywhere you go. The flight will have different prices depending on your destination. Make sure you think about how much money will be spent and be honest when you create your budget.

Time: Thinking about time constraints is another thing. How long do you want to go How long can you take off work or school? Are you traveling with others, working with time constraints? Consider how much time you are dealing with and plan accordingly. If you only have 5 days, I do not recommend going to Australia. If you have a short stroll around for a short period of time and are a small country that you can visit for a small amount of time, choose time. Nonstop exploration of travel can be a lot of fun to try and fit in at a very fun time. Give yourself enough time to enjoy what you are doing.