Mediterranean Travel Destination – Ten Traveling Tips


In 2004, Newsweek featured an article on the world's best countries. Instead of including each country, the magazine categorizes them according to their unique gift. Turkey came from a good country to be young.

This is not to say that Turkey is not a place for such young people. Although housing institutions and activities cater specifically to young people, many attractions in this country exclude young people. One of such tourist spots is the serene paradise located in one of the quietest spots in Datka, Turkey.

Turkey is like Datca itself, a city of contrasts. Although it exhibits an exotic collection of animals, it is home to one of the most wonderful manmade structures in the world – the ruins of the ancient city of Nidos. With numerous coves around, the whole place spells rest; But festive celebrations can be found here, too. Batala is one of the battles during the Datska-Nido culture and art festival.

We're excited to get you excited now but before booking a flight to Dataka, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make your trip safe, comfortable and unforgettable. With the help of travelers themselves, we've compiled a list of tips you can think of to better enjoy your trip to this Turkish paradise.

10. Bring at least one bathing suit.

Make sure you have no plans to swim or scuba dive. But once you see the beautiful waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, your plans may change. From diving to sailing to air surfing, there is a long list of water sports activities to choose from. Even if you are hydrophobic, it will not hurt to suit your bath because there is nothing like drinking something good according to the warmth of the Turkish sun.

9. Get the balance on the floor

For months when a special festival is held at Dataka, you will find that the peninsula can be very scary. In this case, you can seek asylum in Macedonia, a small town that you can easily find on the way to Nidos. While providing a more relaxed feel, this sanctuary houses small restaurant with great food and wine. Just be sure to experience the "you dragon sitting in the sea" thing for the unique of this city.

8. Forget anger, go for silk.

Save Persian Rug Shopping later, as Datka is most famous for its silk. Many of the handicrafts sold in the market are made of this premier material. Just a quick tip: there is nothing like headcarves made of special lace edgings.

7. Dataka rent a bed and breakfast.

A full day is certainly not enough for a visit to Datka. Because of this, you do not seem to be able to rent just one hotel at this sanctuary. We suggest you try one or more of the bed breakfast in Datca, especially when you find yourself in the evening on the road. To be sure, though, you should try bedding and breaks near Eski Datka or in bed as they are the most exotic with old stone houses in Turkey.

6. How tired you are, climb the lighthouse!

We believe it is worth the climb. Thank you once you see the breathtaking scenery of most parts of the Datka region, not just the Nidos.

5. Bring some food home.

Sure the pictures are beautiful and can last a hundred years but there's nothing like treating your taste buds for a long exotic gastronomic experience. Attack the market and get a jar of that delicious honey, almond and olive oil.

4. Save Saturdays for Market Days.

The purchase will not take a full day at all but will not drop immediately in the market. These days you will find all kinds of handcrafts on the market as well as boutiques and souvenir shops.

3. Wearing shorts and sandals is a no-no.

At least this is true in the way of Nidos. No fees are actually involved but once you have itching around the spines and brushes you can split the soil.

2. An apple a day keeps hunger away.

A walking trip to Knidos is surely an adventure – even for your stomach. Pack those sandwiches better if you want to admire the greatness of the ancient ruins at the end of the trip.

1. Watch the sunset in Knidos.

Don't dare leave Nidos unless you have a taste of the sunset. This is one of the best effects of having Datka in the west of Turkey.