See the wonderful country of Peru – Destination tips inside


Disney offers wonderful family vacations in Peru and for 9 days and 8 nights you get to see Holy Valley, Machu Picchu, Lima and Cusco. Not only will you see the natural beauty of this country, you will also take in some of ancient history, but also see and see the offerings of culture Peru. Although not fully included in this holiday package, you and your family will enjoy 8 breakfast meals, 6 lunches, and five dinners, including the Pachamanca festival.

This is a traditional Adiyan festival, where you will not only learn the history behind this tradition, but also watch the dance and hear the ancient Incan stories performed by Tito Sol e Luna.

This is something that you and your family will enjoy. You will go to the traditional textile center, in Cusco. Here you will experience master knitting skills to showcase serious knitting skills and also learn the colors and dyeing of alpaca wool. Experienced guides will take your family down a river on the Raubumba River, which includes one and two rapids. You will also find a private guided tour of the famous Machu Picchu, where you will spend an entire afternoon looking at these ancient and magnificent structures.

There are a few things to note about this vacation. One of them is that a minimum age of four is required, but children age eight and older are recommended to be able to understand more about this unique travel package. While these holidays are quite reasonable, the prices for adults range from $ 2,6969 to $ 3,779, and from $ 2,422 to $ 3,399. Considering all that is included, this may be a bit more to spend.